Melanie is an artist from the UK. She was born and raised in Trafford in South Manchester where she continues to live with her husband, 2 children and their dog.

She studied Textile Design and Design Management at University before moving off on a tangent into a career in retail buying. After tiring of the corporate world Melanie began a second career as an Art Educator, teaching in Secondary schools for 17 years and running private art classes, sharing her passion for Art with the younger generation.

Melanie enjoys exploring a range of different media and techniques in her creative work but it was during the Covid lockdowns in 2020 that she finally found the time to explore painting more fully and came to really appreciate the deep satisfaction of applying paint to canvas.

Melanie is passionate about colour. She loves the impact colour has on people, including herself, and how it can affect our mood, feelings and behaviour. 

Her 'New Beginnings' collection is a series of paintings that represent the emotions Melanie has experienced during her time of transition away from her teaching career and toward working as a full time Artist. Each piece helped her take a step forward to make a positive change in her life and reclaim some balance.



If you are interested in commissioning a unique piece of art for your home please contact me and we can discuss the process in more detail.

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